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Digital Transformation Strategy

Digital transformation is impactful upon industry structures and strategic positioning, and all levels of an organization (activities, tasks and processes) and its stakeholders and extended supply chain. Technology-enabled change can unlock hidden productivity gains, and help your business gain significant competitive advantages. Let us help you understand where and how the fundamentals of your current operation could be improved with technology applications and stay protected against agile new entrants or business models.

Web Development

Our vision began with cross-platform web development, and they set the foundation of our service offerings. As a result of years of experience, we have developed applications on several frameworks and built libraries of code. Mobile or web app creation is second nature to us, and we have mastered this domain. Therefore, with our knowledge and experience we often have a head start on many projects we undertake for our clients.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Our engineers are constantly developing new applications for IoT devices we develop in our center, to help our clients unlock new ways to enhance productivity, monitor and conduct business. We additionally offer support to manufacturers as their development partner, and can help your business find custom IoT solutions to improve processes and efficiency. The application of technology can also help improve morale as tasks become enjoyable.

Mobile Development

Successful product delivery involves four components – Expertise, Experience, Focus and Discipline. Our product development division has partnered with venture backed companies from various industries. As a product development partner we have enjoyed the challenges, innovation, and creativity required to deliver a product. Often, we have expanded possibilities, and maximized the potential applications of technology, by suggesting product features to help our partners differentiate themselves from the market and grow.

QA Lab

Often the unsung heroes, we hold our Quality Assurance Lab in high regard. Our team is integral in maintaining our high standard of delivery, as we test every project in our labs. We run rigorous QA operations for a variety of applications and have worked on numerous highly reputable projects. This is a very process driven division of our organization, within which we offer a full suite of QA services to various clients that have relied upon us for years. Let us know how we can help you make your application unbreakable!

Analytics & Support

Our analytics division can help find solutions for your business often hidden in the data. Whether you have an existing business or have just begun collecting data on your business, we can help support your business with our suite of analytical tools. Additionally, we offer support for all applications we develop, as well as for others who need IT management for their existing business, applications and websites. We can save you time and help run your entire IT division.

Patient Eligibility Check For Clinics

Improving the US insurance verification process, so doctors have more time to focus on what they do best, treat patients with care.

Customer Relationship Management

Integrating retail processes from accounts to installation, so an IT hardware distribution and maintenance business could focus on what matters, efficient delivery and customer service.

CMS Website for Global Manufacturing Company

A global two-wheel and compact commercial vehicle manufacturing company required a responsive website with a customized user-friendly content management system.

CMS Website for Stock Images

A prominent photographer needed a crowd sourced localized stock image website.

Recruitment Management System

Automating workflows for an employment agency to increase productivity and conversions.

Inventory Management and Sales Portal

An industrial hardware supplier required an inventory management, sales accounting and custom format invoice printing system.

Work process

1. Discussion

2. Requirements

3. Development

Our foundational approach when assessing industries is based upon design thinking, this allows our team to engage and seamlessly immerse themselves within business processes and practices, essentially forging a brand partnership to help our clients gain returns and see results via the implementation of technological applications. In this approach our team adopts various informal and formal strategies to explore and assess potential pain points.