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Automating workflows for an employment agency to increase productivity and conversions.

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Case study

A leading Executive Search Organization realized they needed to improve their workflow processes to grow. The main issue was the lack of synchronization between employers, candidates and employees. Employees would have to obtain candidate information from various sources, and hence the candidate matching process (with positions offered by employers) was unstructured, inefficient, and increased response and placement time. Therefore, candidates and employers were not engaged with the service and favored competitors. Employment opportunities were tracked on an Excel document; hence our client’s employees struggled to remind candidates and employers of upcoming interviews.

2. Result

We proposed a web application, comprising of different modules to cover the entire workflow from candidate sourcing, applications to employment and payment. The online portal ensured associates would not miss any step of the process, and we integrated an interactive guide so employees required minimal systems training. Additionally, e-mail notifications were sent to managers if employees missed any step of the process. We created a central database in which candidate information was tagged based upon the originating source (LinkedIn, Monster, Naukri and résumés). We developed a résumé parser to extract candidate information from a Word document with ≈90% accuracy. We integrated a parser to download all relevant information from various sources, and organize it on our client’s database. The database operated in real-time hence if candidates recently accepted an offer, they would be removed from the actively seeking employment database. Lastly, we integrated a module to track the status of available job offerings.

3. Experience

The automation of downloading and collating information improved the efficiency of our client’s employees and minimized human error. We also integrated a reporting function so managers could conduct performance reviews with ease. There were over 25 reports to assess employee productivity, growth, and employer hiring trends. The interactive guidance process, reduced training time, costs and improved the ease of placing candidates. The centralized candidate database also ensured minimal human error, as data was sourced from various organizations. The monitoring system allowed managers to oversee every step of the process and progress. As placement time reduced, employers favored our client, and more candidates applied as our client’s success rate rose.