Cutstomer Relationship Management(CRM)

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Integrating retail processes from accounts to installation, so an IT hardware distribution and maintenance business could focus on what matters, efficient delivery and customer service.

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Challenge

A major IT hardware company found processes from sales to delivery and installation were inefficient and lacked accountability. The accounts department was not notified by the service team when deliveries were made, thus invoices could not be raised, and accounts receivable were largely overdue causing cash flow issues. Furthermore, the sales team falsified time spent with potential clients, without gaining any definitive leads. There was no system in place for accounting whether sales employees were contributing to growth.

2. Our Solution

We consulted with employees and managers and created a solution to improve productivity and accountability of services provided. In the web-based application we incorporated performance benchmarks, wherein individual sales targets were set, monitored and reviewed; thus the profitability of each member of the sales team could be measured, providing accountability. We integrated a follow-up feature to help managers track client consultations and schedule reminders for upcoming visits. Purchase orders were processed via the web portal, thus all departments were notified in real time and were able to procure the hardware required without delay. Additionally, triggers were set to notify the delivery and after-sales service team. After the service was complete, another notification was sent to the accounts department, streamlining the entire process.

3. Results

After implementation of the system, profitability, efficiency and the quality of service improved significantly. With the sales data available, managers were also able to forecast future sales for budgets and offer performance based incentives. This led to an increase in overall morale, and competitiveness amongst the sales team. The purchasing process was streamlined, as only necessary hardware was procured which also lowered write-offs and warehousing costs. Overall, customer satisfaction rose, leading to furthered growth of the business.