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Why work with us?

We are on an ambitious mission to be the best technology services company within our portfolio of services. Boston Byte is a world-class organization, where we pick talented professionals who are passionate about everything they do. Our ecosystem is designed to take people from “good to great,” where learning, collaboration and creativity are rewarded. You must be good at something… Let us help you become the best!


As we predominantly work with clients in USA (North America), Europe & South America, we are able to offer unparalleled access to work with top companies for you to learn and grow.


We offer exposure unattainable at the big companies, with continued professional development, for coding, as well as business conduct and mannerisms. We want to help you, grow your skills to be a better coder and help boost your career prospects.


Join our team to gain an experience like no other, and work in one of the best offices around, meet our team and you’ll understand why Boston Byte is the best choice for you, and your career!

Work / Life balance

We provide ongoing intercompany events to socialize with your team, and as we want to create a fun work environment for all our associates.

  • Project Manager

    • Pune
    • 3-7 YEARS
    • 002

    Good leaders are hard to find, but great project managers are rarer still. Yes we are looking for rarer ‘just do it’ Project Managers!!

    Employment Type: Full Time

    Why work here?

    @Boston Byte, People come first! Exciting, cutting edge technologies, challenging work and high potential to grow! We have become a niche product development company of choice.

    We have:

    • A culture of solving problems and are known for accepting challenges
    • A team of aces to work with
    • An open mind for new ideas and methodologies. Highly creative and imaginative team
    • A place to experience great journey and create story
    • Global outreach/projects and variety of projects and technologies
    • World Class - product development environment
    • US office with program management and strategic consulting on all projects
    • Seasoned Executive management teams in the US and India

    You have:

    • 3+ years of project management experience in IT services
    • Willingness to travel overseas on project assignments and see the world
    • Strong skills in agile project management
    • Strong experience in providing solutions to technical decisions
    • Experience of understanding business with excellent analytical skills
    • Strong leadership qualities with outstanding communication
    • Experience of working with project sizes ranging 2M$ - 5M$
    • Basic technical knowledge of Angular JS, JAVA, HTML, Javascript, API
    • Strong knowledge of database

    This job is for you if:

    • You have accountable attitude
    • You enjoy solving problems
    • You love taking on difficult challenges & finding creative solutions
    • You don’t get flustered easily. If you don’t know the answer, you’ll dig until you find it
    • You are level headed and cool under pressure
    • You pay attention to details and nothing falls off your eyes
    • You can learn and grasp new things. When situation changes, you know how to switch the gears
    • Last and the most important, you are motivated and driven. You volunteer yourself without waiting to be asked

    Boston Byte’s work challenges:

    • Work on varied domains
    • Work for mostly non-technical customers. Challenge is to understand their entire domain and business and accordingly design apt and best suited solutions
    • Deeper customer engagement to educate technical concerns to sometimes non-technical clients
    • You have "Super-Agile" attitude, staying ahead of the client team
    • Occasionally tighter timelines demanding longer work schedules
    • Directional changes on projects due to client's circumstances

    Our leadership team is visionary, entrepreneurial, experienced with great education and acumen. Come experience the journey!!!

    Do you think you are a good fit? Then we want to hear from you, send us your resume on

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