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A global two-wheel and compact commercial vehicle manufacturing company required a responsive website with a customized user-friendly content management system.

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Challenge

The main challenge involved the differing specifications of the various vehicles, thus default attribute fields varied. Therefore, we were unable to apply a standard CMS platform to accommodate the request; furthermore we were unable to use certain open source CMS platforms due to potential security vulnerabilities.

2. Our Solution

To overcome the challenges of this application, we used the ASP.Net framework to create a custom CMS based website. It is a closed source proprietary technology, thus it provided better security than any other open source framework. To comprehend the structure of the various product specifications and create a common backend module, we held sessions with management to understand their requirements, so we could deliver the perfect product. As content was updated frequently, we included varying user roles to restrict access and a report function to track changes, so managers could review individual employee updates. We also incorporated a promotions feature, so managers could easily setup temporary webpages over a predetermined period for specials and marketing campaigns.

3. Results

The simplified backend enabled managers to update content with ease. This improved efficiency, as marketing campaigns, and new products could be added without any technical knowledge or external assistance. The incorporation of user roles, allowed tasks to be delegated to employees, and hence improved productivity. We included a localization feature so the background of the homepage would change depending on the time of day; this was solely for aesthetic (user experience) purposes and resulted in increased conversions as this helped our client differentiate themselves from the saturated market.