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Be Seen, Be Sold

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Challenge

  • To display the digital advertisements on the ride share cabs continuously moving across different locations
  • To distribute an advertisement in 24 hours and at selected time slots from start to end of the day and stopping the advertisement once it’s daily budget is reached.
  • To troubleshoot a taxi remotely in case of any irregularities.
  • Compliance with the traffic rules and regulations.

2. Our Solution

  • Developed a new medium to display digital advertisements in real-time on top of ride share vehicles. The displayed content is bound to a geofence and represents a polygon on the 2D geospace.
  • In order to have superior geofencing capabilities, we leveraged the in-house talent to custom build a geofencing Identifier Engine. The identifier engine precisely identifies the geofence in which the vehicle is located and communicates with the server to display the most appropriate advertisements given time, demographic and other attributes of the viewers.
  • Since the Identifier was built specifically for this purpose, it proved to be infinitely better than third party solutions and providing our client with more independence and flexibility.
  • On an average, these vehicles drive 200 miles a day and thus has a far-reaching effect.
  • The advertisement is a new source of revenue shared by all the stakeholders involved, thus maintaining driver engagement.
  • Since the entire engine is built on software and is connected wirelessly, any irregularities can be dealt remotely in real time.
  • System tracks the vehicles software version and updates it at runtime over-the-air.
  • System is scalable in case more taxis join the fleet

3. Results

  • Current system is implemented in over 1000 vehicles in a single city, which combined are generating over 2 million data points a day. These data points are transferred into real-time analytical reports without any delay.
  • System can scale-up further in case more taxis join the fleet.
  • Advertisers feel empowered and more in control as they can fully customize the way the content is displayed and almost immediately know if it is working.
  • The better ROI on their investment keeps them coming back to the platform and make it a strategic part of their outdoor campaign.