Medical Samples on Demand

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Workflow automation of distribution of pharmaceutical samples amongst representatives.

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Challenge

The main issue faced was the lack of synchronization with pharmaceutical representatives, which affected the difficulty of tracking samples sent from previous allocations. Additionally, the request process for samples was inefficient and time consuming.

2. Our Solution

We developed a web-based application to streamline the entire sample distribution process. Admins were able to access a dashboard, to track every request from each pharmaceutical representative (PR), furthermore we assigned predetermined and fixed quotas (of sample supply) for a each PR over a specific period. Provisions were made based upon the geographical coverage of each PR to provide regular samples from their quota to doctors in their area. A PRs were also able to request samples via their dedicated portal.

3. Results

Our solution allowed our client to operate with greater efficiency, and knowledge of metrics surrounding the sample supply process. Managers were able to remotely monitor and track the work of their PRs across the nation to ensure they met targets. PRs also had greater flexibility as they were able to request replenishment orders via the application, thus minimizing downtime. Overall the automation of certain processes decreased the possibility of human error occurring and made lives easier.