Patient Eligibility Check For Clinics

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An application to improve doctor patient communication, service, and hence patient care and happiness.

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Challenge

Our aim was to solve challenges associated with communicating with patients, tracking prescriptions (with patients) and maintaining transcribed records of conversations.

2. Our Solution

After consulting with various providers and internal stakeholders, we decided to develop a web portal, an iOS, and Android application. We created the web portal for hospital admin to manage all patient / provider registration data, and schedule calls for providers. Users were able to make changes directly via the application. Patients were able to send messages directly to specific departments, to contact on-call providers, and send supporting documentation (if necessary). The system was able to record and transcribe all patient interactions such as emails, live chat and audio calls.

3. Results

Our final product featured a HIPAA secure call center with answering service and communications suite with automatically transcribed voicemail, shielded outbound calling, electronic prescribing, secure messaging with patients, on-call schedule management, full live audio and text record capture with retrievability, automated appointment reminders, and more.