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A comprehensive dental practice management application.

1. Discussion

2. Requirement

3. Development

1. Challenge

Our client required a centralized system for monitoring the production and financials of their business, this was especially helpful wherein multiple practices were managed and operated. Furthermore, employees were not held accountable for their time, as it was difficult to track individual revenue metrics.

2. Our Solution

We developed a web-based application to comprehensively monitor patient management, staff schedules, as well as real-time revenue per capita and overall practice profitability across individuals and groups. The system featured the ability to generate several analytical reports, such as monthly targets vs. actual revenue.

3. Results

The solution we provided help enterprises to monitor provider’s daily process, scheduling and production. Dentists could comprehensively oversee and manage their practices remotely, via the application developed. The implementation of this application helped modify the role of the receptionist who was also responsible for maximizing bookings, hence minimizing staff downtime.